Friday, July 08, 2016

Thoughts for the week #7 - mostly shopping

  • This isn't a sponsored mention or anything, I just really like this product! So the past 3 times I've been to the dentist for cleanings: very little plaque and hard build-up, a regular amount, and very little plaque and hard build-up again. The difference was that the 1st and 3rd time, I was using OraWellness HealThy Mouth exclusively, in place of regular toothpaste. You can get a 3-pack, which makes it more affordable, and they include special toothbrushes. There's also a particular way to brush that is far more effective than your usual back-and-forth or even circular methods. The 2nd cleaning, I had been using Crest ProHealth for a while because I ran out of OraWellness. Even if you added a drop or two to your regular toothpaste, it would probably help and last a lot longer! It also helped reduce my tooth sensitivity (still fairly sensitive to cold, but not as bad). This is all coming from an infrequent flosser, so you know it has to be good.
  • I'm cleared to swim and bike, according to my physical therapist, for my shin splints. I went swimming on Wednesday and it didn't aggravate any of my injuries so that was awesome! Biking is still an issue because I a) can't carry my bike down the stairs b) have nowhere on the ground floor to store it except outside, which I might end up doing anyway and c) can't lean on my wrists. So I'm going to look at cruiser bikes, which have you sitting more upright and put less weight on your wrists. They're not as fast for commuting, but it should be very comfortable. And I don't know, they're cute I guess.
  • Another product plug (again, not getting paid for this or anything): Land's End! Their clothes are really durable and classic. They are often used for companies that require uniforms because of the clothing quality. If you sign up for the email newsletter, you'll get notified of their sales and their sales are really great! I saved 30% on some new business casual clothes and this week there's a 60% off sale. All of their dress shirts are very washer/dryer friendly and many of them don't need to be ironed as long as you pluck them out of the dryer as soon as it's done. They do have a refer a friend option, so if you contact me before you order anything, I can send you a referral email and we both save 25% :).
GIF of the week
I've been re-watching Community. It's still hilarious.

Photo of the week

This is one of the bikes I'm thinking of, but I'll probably test ride some local ones.

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