Friday, July 01, 2016

Thoughts for the week #6 - not nearly as profound

Oops, it's Friday again!

I think the only "random" thoughts I have to share today are about gratitude. A lot of people spoke to me about my last post. The support was honestly unexpected and a little overwhelming, but that's not why I wrote that post.

I shared this part of myself because I wanted it to get attention. I wanted to get people thinking about their automatic assumptions about people, even people they know fairly well.

Keeping our perspective neutral is really hard! So many of us were raised to think that people who look or act a certain way embody a certain identity. Enacting change means stepping outside of our comfort zones, but we still have to be respectful.

So yeah, please don't go about asking people what their sexuality is. It's none of your business unless they choose to make it so.

GIF of the week

I just felt like my blog needed some David Tennant today.

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