Friday, May 27, 2016

Thoughts for the week #2

  • Elder Scrolls VI in 2019?!?! That's far too long from now. If they take what people loved from Skyrim, add things from popular mods, and learn from their mistakes with Fallout 4 (okay this has been a problem with Skyrim too, FO4 was arguably a bit better with this).. It could be amazing. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the heck out of modding Skyrim and may make a post about that. I may even try my hand at making mods! After I fix my broken game...which I broke from installing mods. Eh, maybe I'll just make a new character.
  • An Open Letter From Someone ‘Beyond Help’ - Trigger Warning: depression, suicide. "You don’t get to decide ... which of us are “beyond help.” You also don’t get to decide which of us deserve to live. You don’t get to decide who has a chance and who doesn’t.
  • OffbeatHome - Getting Older -  I'm kind of bummed that I'm even struggling with this concept. I'll be 28 next month, still quite young! Yet here I am with forehead wrinkles. I can see them watch over the course of photos from the last few years. I am sure the wrinkles are super normal for someone my age, but when you're surrounded by a society that against signs of aging, it can be discomforting. Since I've never been one for much make-up, I'm trying to learn to shrug it off. It's just my forehead.
  • Lookit the pretty fabric I bought! I started sewing again this week and already made a bra :D. This weekend's project will be underwear! I hope I don't run out of this too soon, patterned fabric (cotton/lycra blend) is not cheap.

GIF of the week

Photo of the week
Practicing stitches on my sewing machine to use the best one for stretch

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