Monday, December 07, 2015

My first Rent The Runway!

I read about this website Rent the Runway quite a while ago and thought I'd never try it, though the dresses are pretty. This fall, I realized that I had nothing suitable to wear to my husband's company holiday party and didn't really want to buy something new. I knew that a new dress would sit in my closet for a year or longer until the next remotely semi-formal outing came along. Why not wear something once and feel like I got my money's worth?

Rent the Runway is not subscription based, so you can rent whenever you like for no monthly/regular fees. My dress was around $40 to rent for 4 days (that stupidly includes the delivery day, which means I got it the night before the event on Friday).

It took me a little while to pick a dress. I think everything was way too formal at first. I finally narrowed it down to two possibilities: a little black dress, or the Rainwater dress. Typically, you can't go wrong at any event with an LBD, but I wasn't sure how the straps & neckline would look on my broad shoulders. I loved the colors on the Rainwater dress, so I read through the reviews, saw that the bust runs small (a good thing for me) and went for it.

My dress arrived just before 8 PM on Friday. I tried on my first size and couldn't get the zipper up. I really had no idea what size I wore, so I ordered my usual pants size, plus the next smallest size. The pants size was the right one, it fit perfectly!


First, I got to be confused about the package that had arrived. A... bag? Let me tell you, this looked highly suspicious sitting on my front steps. I figured out how to unlock it, unzipped, and then unfolded. It's a garment bag! Inside were my two dresses, a return shipping label, and two more little zipping lock things for the return delivery. One was broken, but I fortunately only needed one.

Sorry I only took crappy iPhone photos.

Yay! So cute. You can also see my lovely haircut.

I figured black tights were more winter appropriate and I wore my so freaking comfy black leather flats. Check them out here

I snuck a photo with the husband. Trust me, he looked dashing. The tie colors matched my dress.

The last part of my ensemble was a silver scarf, which I already owned. I thought that was a nice way to lighten up the colors, plus it went well with the silver accents in the dress. My earrings are vintage silver and the necklace I've just had for ages. Oh I also wore my college graduation ring, aka. Galadriel's Nenya

Oh, sorry. Lastly, this is the make-up I wore, except a little less "wing".

All in all, I do recommend Rent the Runway! Return delivery was easy: find a UPS store or drop-box and leave the package there! They do the cleaning for you and I even got to keep the hangers. They have a pretty wide size range, from women's 0 to 22, which I think is great, though I don't know how many options there are in the higher sizes.

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