Friday, July 24, 2015

Stitch Fix - July 2015

Today, I received my second order from Stitch Fix (referral link, I'll get credit to use towards a purchase if you sign up and place an order through this link). It's a personal styling service which will mail you clothes & accessories based on a style profile that you fill out. It also helps to keep a Pinterest board of inspiration images with notes about what you like. I first used the service in February or March of this year and kept everything that they sent me! I wear 4 of the pieces constantly, but rarely wear the bird scarf. I realize now that it's because I don't know if I like wearing so much black bundled around my neck, even though I typically like black clothing.

As you can see in the first image, they send you a styling card and a little note from your stylist about some of the things they picked out for you. I have until July 30th to decide what I want to keep (just under a week).

The first item was this clutch, called the Juno Small Folded Clutch. I don't really like gold tones for accessories or jewelry...or anything. It just doesn't work with my skintone, but the color of the leather is really lovely. I like the idea of having a small purse for just my phone and wallet, if I don't want to worry about pockets or carry my large bag. I think I'll keep this one, but I'm not sure. $38 (Edit on 7/27, decided to keep)

My husband helped with some photography.

I love this one. I popped on a skirt that I already own, but I can see myself wearing it with jeans, to the office, or...anywhere. It's very soft and flattering on my shoulders. I can also wear it in pretty much any season, which is what I requested for this particular Fix. Morlan Halter Top - Keeping it! $48

 Yeah, this one was a failure. It would definitely work better with jeans, but the garment was damaged anyway (the hem was sewn onto the body of the shirt in one spot). I didn't like the fit on my torso, it felt loose in a baggy way, unlike the cobalt blue top. Sending it back - Laguna Embellished Neckline Blouse, would've been $48 (Edit on 7/27: decided to keep, I emailed Stitch Fix about the damage and they offered 15% discount on it to go towards repair. I'm going to see if I can make it work)

 Okay so I'm sold on the striped Parma Open Cardigan ($48) though probably not paired with this dress, but on the fence about the Jakobe Chevron Print Maxi Dress ($54). I think the fit of the dress is much better in these pictures than I saw it on myself in the mirror.

I took this last one to get a sense of what it'd be like to use the clutch. Hmm...leaning more towards keeping it.

So if I keep everything, I get a 25% discount on the whole order, plus $20 off from my styling fee, and $5 off from a referral. That brings the total to $152, which is right around what I wanted to spend. But I'm not sure if I want to keep the clutch or the dress. I'm only really certain about keeping the blue shirt, the striped cardigan, and sending the black shirt back.

What do you think?!

Edit 7/27: I decided to keep everything and get the discount on the whole order.

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