Friday, April 04, 2014

London Honeymoon: Day 5

Written March 14, about the events of March 12, 2014.

Ahhh, this is the problem with writing my entries a couple of days later: I struggle to remember any kind of detail. Fortunately, this is why I take tons of pictures! This day was fairly uneventful, but I think we did a lot more walking than I'm remembering.

After another nice, late, sleeping-in, we headed out to buy sweatshirts! My favorite black zip-up hoodie has developed too many holes for me to feel comfortable wearing it anywhere except at home. I am probably going to throw it out before we leave London. Hulky was in need of a lighter sweatshirt anyway, and something lighter than his pea-coat to wear here. We went to a Primark, which is some British chain department store, I think. I loved a lot of the styles I saw there, but Hulky is not one for browsing/shopping. We found our sweatshirts, got a souvenir t-shirt for my brother, and left. Overall, the prices were good, maybe comparable or better than a Target back at home. I'm not a fan of the contrast zipper on my sweatshirt, but it's very soft, fits well enough, and does its job.

After a pitstop at the hotel (more reading & putting our feet up for a bit), we headed over to the Tower of London. It was a nice easy day, we didn't press ourselves to walk too much or go anywhere that we didn't want to. As it should be on a vacation/honeymoon!

So smoggy!

The crown jewels are probably the most sparkly things I will ever see in my life. It was beautiful, but I always think of how silly it is to place such value on a kind of stone.

Dragon sculpture inside the Tower

Hulky can probably attest that I thought the ravens, which are the traditional guardians of the Tower, were the coolest thing within the grounds. I didn't get a good picture, but they are so much bigger than I ever realized! The Tower fulfilled Hulky's desire to see weaponry and armor. It was a very cool collection.

After the Tower, we did some wandering to kill time before our evening at Medieval Banquet London. It was fun, the food was good, and the entertainers were entertaining, but we were really tired and vanished after dessert, before the show was over. We took our first and only cab ride in London and Hulky was very entertained by sitting in the backwards' facing seat.

Medieval Banquet

Riding in the backwards seat in the cab.

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