Thursday, April 03, 2014

London Honeymoon: Day 4

Written March 12, 2014, in London.

Yesterday was the double-decker tour day. We bought our tickets through Viator and went on the Original London Sightseeing Tour. We were still pretty tired, so we only did part of one bus route, after getting English Breakfast at a place called Garfunkel's in Trafalgar Square. I skipped the toast, but the rest of the meal was pretty good. Not sure I understand the infatuation with roasted tomatoes at breakfast. And what's with the waffle thing? Seems like it's a popular dessert, whereas we fatty Americans like it for breakfast, and I've seen carts on the street dedicated to only waffle treats. We even passed by some little cafe with a waffle theme today.

The tour was fun. Had we more energy, I definitely would have wanted to go on another bus route. It took us past places in London that we probably otherwise would not have visited or seen. I didn't get pictures of a lot of what we passed, like the most well-kept 17th or 18th century storefront in London (cigars, maybe?), just down the street from a famous hatters. We drove past many sculptures, as close to Buckingham palace as double-deckers are allowed to go (not allowed to pass right in front for some reason), and saw many fancy hotels. It was interesting to hear about the redevelopment of a lot of those areas over the centuries.

Trafalgar Square

I'm so disappointed that I didn't get a picture of the giant blue rooster statue in Trafalgar Square. What was that about?!

We hopped off the bus close to our hotel, by Westminster Abbey, and read in our hotel room for a bit. Later, we headed back out and got lost in Westminster. We eventually found our way over to Harrod's and did a quick walkthrough of the second floor. The first floor, especially the food areas, was much more entertaining for us. We found the ice cream parlour and split something called a Bacio, which had Nutella ice cream in it, among other things. It was amazing.

Parliament is so cool up close.
Areas like this reminded me of Boston
Harrods Ice Cream Parlor

After, we headed back to the hotel to use the laptop. It's been interesting doing all our exploring without smartphones. I like travelling this way. It works well since we need rest periods for our feet & legs anyway. If we need directions, we write them down before we head out, or Hulky memorizes the map area & train stops. There are also a lot of area maps in London, right outside of every Underground station. Back at home base, we looked up pizza places in the area. Why not try London pizza? We went to a place called Pizza Express, which was nicer than the name lead us to believe. The American pizza, with tiny pepperonis and a thin crust, was very good. Still hungry, we both got dessert. Hulky had some Banoffee (banana & toffee) pie w/ ice cream & I had some ice cream sundae with toffee. The toffee was soft, like caramel, whereas I had been expecting something more like a Heath bar.

Another late night of reading, restless sleep (at least for me), and a late start this morning. Tonight is our medieval banquet dinner theater!

More photos here

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