Sunday, March 09, 2014

London Honeymoon: Travel Day

I can't promise that I'll do recaps of our travels for every day on our trip, but there's been so much going on in the past 24 hrs alone that I felt it was worth recording. Plus, I didn't bring my personal handwritten journal, typing is so much faster/easier, and I always like to share!

Travel day

We spent Friday in a mad rush. I had a last minute doctor's appointment, we did laundry, printed out our itinerary (and troubleshot the obnoxious printer at my parents' house), and we squeezed in a nice lunch at a local burger joint (Retro Burger). We also saved our packing for that day, but that took less than 30 minutes once the laundry was done. Fortunately, we only do one or two loads per week, and Friday was only one. By the time we got back to our apartment, we had some time to watch some Mythbusters on Netflix, do a walk-through of the apartment, cuddle with Fae, and then it was time to go! Hulky's mom drove us to the airport.

No wait at the IcelandAir check-in desk!
We were so early that IcelandAir's check-in desk was not even open yet. It took more than a few minutes to get through the line to security, not helped by a group of confused looking students who didn't understand how to leave a gap so other people could pass through to the TSA agents. They always like a laugh, so we made some jokes as we passed through. We spent a couple of hours drinking at restaurant Our server was very sweet, not wanting to give Hulky a drink he wouldn't like, no matter how much we insisted on giving him a drink of the bartender's choice. The iced coffee drink was very good, a nice amount of bitterness to go with the sweet. Getting drunk at an airport when you're excited for a flight, with someone you really like, is a lot of fun.

Sadly, somewhere in the past five or so months since we booked our plane tickets, our seats got screwed up and we both ended up with window seats in different aisles. Fortunately, the flight attendants were very helpful in getting us seated together on both the flight to Reykjavik and from there to London. I slept very little on either flight, but Hulky dozed for an hour or two. Let us tell you now: a waking hangover, when you don't get to sleep any of it off or not enough anyway, is pretty unpleasant. Our excitement is all that pulled us through, I'm sure!

The Reykjavik airport looks like an IKEA. We both went into the bathrooms and came out with expressions like, "That is fucking AWESOME." I took a picture of my "stall". It was seriously about the size of a small bedroom (maybe in a Boston apartment).

Bathroom "stall" at Reykjavik airport.
The cafe in the wing of the Reykjavik airport that we were waiting in had booze everywhere, as though they were soft drinks. It was very surprising. I failed to get a picture of all the nips by the checkout. I had some very good Icelandic Greek-style (I'm sure they don't call it that, but I couldn't read the label so I can't be sure) yogurt there, as well as airport sushi. I didn't die, so you know, it wasn't that bad. The rice never tastes right when sushi isn't freshly made, it has an odd texture. Anyway, the next flight, we had a nice chat with the guy in the aisle seat, who was from western Canada and on his way to a booze cruise in Ireland & Scotland. Badass.

All of our flights were on time and we got to London around 11:30 AM on Saturday (local time). Next post, a bit about Saturday, cultural observations, and what we've done so far today!

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