Tuesday, March 11, 2014

London Honeymoon: Day 3

My jet-lagged brain is struggling back through memories of yesterday to see where we began. Neither of us have been sleeping well. The four hour (day light savings happened, right?) difference is too small to make the adjustment easy!

The nice thing about vacation is that you get to start whenever you want! Yesterday, I tried a hot breakfast at the hotel. It was good, and I even had a croissant. First one in ages and it was worth it. We spent some time researching and then headed off for haircuts & a wet shave for Hulky. Yes, with a straight razor! We went to a place called Groovy in Chinatown. Chinatown seems to be the same in every city, though I'm not sure why anyone would expect differently. I got my hair cut, we had lunch at a pub nearby, Hulky tried something called a Skittle Bomb, which was , and then we went back for Hulky's hair and face. I have some pictures, but I'm too lazy to upload them right now.

After that, we were both feeling pretty sore & tired from all the walking we've been doing. Back at the hotel, we read for a few hours and then went out to dinner. Hulky's mom's co-worker is from London and recommended a place called Duke of Clarence. Great ambience, not overly expensive, very friendly & helpful in understanding how pubs work here. The food was excellent. I was only good for one beer, Hulky only for two. My tolerance is pretty low post-college (hah, it's been almost 4 years since graduating so I would kind of hope so) and Hulky's is definitely affected by having been sick lately. We did some drunken wandering to another train station after that and headed back to the hotel to read more. I felt tired for a while, but not enough to sleep. Alcohol does that to me, unfortunately.

Cultural adjustments

Seeing everyone drive on the left is a trip. We're mostly used to it by now, but at turns, I still look the wrong way for on-coming cars. I'm sure that would take a while to really ingrain. I'm glad we're not driving! We haven't taken a taxi anywhere yet. My stomach still turns sometimes when I see a car on the left side of the road.

There are people from all over Europe here. I've heard plenty of French, a little Russian, and all kinds of accents speaking English. It feels a little like being in a movie. Both of us are having some brain-lag when we hear people though. I think I'm mostly adjusted to the British accents we've been encountering, but other European accents are still confusing me. It takes me more than a few moments to sort out what people are saying. They're probably used to that from tourists though.

London IS a lot like Boston. The crazy subway arrangement. The buildings, especially the townhouses. The random streets and LACK OF STREET SIGNS. I think people who live near Boston and like Boston would have a lot of fun here. I don't go into the city that often at home, but it's home so it is familiar & dear to my heart anyway. It is cool to see so much "old" stuff though. American history is so relatively new and we don't have a lot that has lasted the ages. Even just buildings that started off in the mid-1800s are so much older than a lot of what you'll find in the States. And there are so, so many of them!

Today is our double-decker tour day. Seems like another late start :). I'm ready for breakfast!

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