Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter cleaning 2014

Usually Spring Cleaning is the thing, but I tend to get bit by a cleaning bug about once a season. I have been gripped by the need to tidy some things up in my life lately so I'm making a list. I'd like to accomplish all of this (fairly easy stuff) this month, but I'm giving myself until the end of winter just to be safe.

Computer stuff

  • Open the case while the system is running so I can identify which fan is failing & replace it.
    • Dusting will sadly have to wait until we have consistently better weather. Maybe if it's dry this weekend, I can take it out on the porch with the compressed air canisters.
  • Put resumes & important documents on Google Docs or Dropbox.
  • Get photos off all cameras & back up all photos on external drive.
  • Put some of the lingering tech stuff that's been in the front porch area away in the basement.
  • Watch for sales for new hard drives & external hard drives (need one of each, at least 500 GB, preferably 1 TB for external).
House stuff
  • Go through the back-up dresser & organize stuff into compartments/boxes, re-consolidate, & throw stuff out.
  • Go through main dresser & re-fold/reorganize. Put away the clothes that don't fit right now & get clothes to donate into a bag.
  • Go through shoes & get rid of some for donation.
  • Find a small shelving unit to put in the bathroom for the odds & ends that are living on the floor/back of the toilet.
  • Get some kind of shelving unit so I can organize my sewing projects.
  • Throw out ancient sewing projects/supplies that I have not ever/yet used. That's going to a lot of things, probably.
  • Get assistance in finding the studs in the hall closet so I can install shelves (plaster is too warped for the electronic stud-finder to work).
  • Review book shelves & boxes of books for anything that might sell.

What kind of stuff do you like to take care of seasonally? I'm sure I'll be doing more as I get going, but this is a good start.

On another note, I am completely nervous about taxes this year. I think I claimed too many exemptions so going from single to married means I might owe instead of get money back. That sucks. The sooner I get my tax forms, the sooner we can crank up the old HR Block and see what's what.

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