Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Idle thoughts: plans for 2014

I decided to come up with some potentially easy goals or focuses for 2014, rather than "resolutions". Like most people, I don't stick to those, so I find it helpful to re-frame the goal into something that I know I can accomplish, but still is a bit challenging.
  • Credit card - I used to always say I would never get a credit card. I am not sure if my finances are stable enough to consider one at this point, but I am thinking about the potential benefits of having one for things like groceries (only), and paying off the balance weekly. Something with no annual fee, decent cash back on everyday purchases, and maybe a starting bonus if I spend enough in the first three months or so :D. I could definitely spend $500 on groceries alone, probably in just two months! I don't feel like I'd be tempted to use the card for money I don't actually have.
  • Certifications - I'm waiting for my CompTIA A+ certification exams to get approved at work so I can buy the vouchers. Whether or not the company reimburses me, I will be taking those exams! I'm still working through the study guide though and really need to start making flash cards. I suck at studying. The goal is to take the exams by the end of May (the month of my annual review, will be 3 yrs at the company this year), preferably before May. Then I want to start studying for Network+.
  • Clothes - I have spent a kind of silly amount of time wondering on this blog about how to build a sense of style. I finally realized that I have one, it's just not really defined by current trends. I wear what I wear, I don't think there's any word for it. Function & comfort probably come first for me. This year, I'm thinking that I might limit myself to only buying "new" clothes from thrift stores. The exceptions would be a new bathing suit (none of mine fit well and I've had them for years), underwear, and socks. I am too lazy to go shopping often, I don't really need new clothes (yet, but my size has changed recently so we'll see what happens once I'm active in the spring/summer), so I see this as a cool way to save some cash. Shoes might be a reasonable exception since thrift stores have such a limited offering, but I really don't need any so I think I'll just leave it off the list. I have at least two weddings to attend this year and more nice dresses than I need, so I don't have to worry about that either.

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