Friday, November 08, 2013

A boring post: cleaning my dressers

This post is just a brain-dump, so I can try to sort out what I want to do with my clothing situation.

Last night, I emptied out both of our dressers. We have a 6-drawer Ikea MALM (horizontal) in our bedroom and a 6-drawer vertical, white dresser in the guest bedroom. The MALM we bought together when we were still living at Hulky's parents' house, to replace two tiny dressers that Hulky had since he was a little kid in California (before 10 yrs old). The white dresser I bought off Craigslist while I was in college, to replace the steamer trunk I'd been using for my clothes for several years. The steamer trunk was my mom's when she was in college or living on her own for the first time and it's now our coffee table (I'd love to install some wheels on it).

In the main dresser, I just emptied out my side. I re-folded things that were messy and made some piles on the bed for sorting. Here's a rough breakdown of what I have:

  • many (at least 5, but less than 10) graphic t-shirts, most of which are black. At least three are band t-shirts that I am wearing to threads and will seriously mourn when they are too gross or threadbare to wear anymore. Those needs re-dyeing.
  • ~4-5 plain long-sleeve shirts. One is a thin, thermal shirt with camo-print on it that I've had since early high school. It barely fits now, but I can't bring myself to part with it unless I find a reasonable replacement. Maybe I just need more green shirts.
  • ~3-4 plain t-shirts (two of which are black polos, the others are collar-less). I hate most of these.
  • a multitude of tank-tops (~4 have built-in bras, plus at least two ribbed ones and three spaghetti strap tanks).
  • plentiful socks (split about evenly between ankle socks & black athletic socks, which I bought in college to wear with my boots). I threw out some ankle socks that always fell off my heels and still have a good amount left.
  • sufficient number of bras, considering I don't wear them very often since this summer. I think I'll get rid of a few of the underwire ones, but want to keep some that fit. I put a couple that are too large into the donate pile.
  • plenty of underwear, in fact I could downsize, but I like them all and they all fit.
  • ~3 pairs of pants that are not jeans, plus ~7 pairs of jeans, not including a pair that is too large, which I bought over the summer while I was cycling (so they have been put aside, with my shorts [3 pairs], for next summer). Uh. So I guess I don't need any pants, unless I want some dress pants since I have none.
  • a bunch of men's small t-shirts, for sleeping in. I was able to pick out a couple to donate, but most have some kind of sentimental value. I put a few aside for storage.
  • 3 pairs of pajama pants: one fleece, two cotton.

So... I'm not really lacking in casual clothes. I can't bring myself to part with any of my graphic t-shirts. There are ones that I rarely wear (but sentimental value because of who gave them to me keeps me from getting rid of them) and I [I]could[/I] get away with much fewer articles of clothing, but I don't really need to. The trouble lies in that I don't get to wear my tank-tops very often (I wore them under button-up shirts to work sometimes this summer, but I'll have to make another post for when I go through my closet), or my graphic t-shirts. I can't wear them to work, except if they're under a sweater/hidden. I want to get more basics so I can mix and match because I don't like my small selection of long-sleeve shirts or plain t-shirts very much. But I don't really need them so I'm having a hard time figuring out if I should buy anything. I've been getting by just fine with what I have, and everything fits.

After re-sorting my clothes, I had much more space in the dresser. Of course, we have a full laundry basket, so these assessments were made without completely full drawers.

I moved to the other room and found some shorts I don't wear (donate pile), some pants I had forgotten about (moved to main dresser, because they fit again, though one pair needs a button & to be re-dyed black so that's on my sewing table), and some sentimental value items. I shifted a few things from the main dresser to here, like some off-season items, though there wasn't room for the tank-tops yet. I was able to pick out a few things to throw out or donate, however, so even though the dresser is still very full, it's not as packed.

In the white dresser, there are a few drawers that don't have regular clothes in them. The top drawer has some paperwork & odds and ends, like my rarely used make-up bag and my hair-dye bottles. One drawer has our bathing suits (Hulky's two pairs of trunks and my collection of bikini pieces, plus our rash guards). Another drawer has two floofy skirts that take up the whole thing. One skirt, I am definitely keeping. When I am leaner, it still fits fine around my waist and it's too cool to discard (broomstick style skirt with angled pinstripes). Another was a sewing project that I haven't worn since college (made from a former ballet costume, it's pink) and probably will not again, but I want to keep the materials. Until I organize my sewing space, it stays where it is.

All of this was just done so I could try to figure out what I need or what I could justify buying with a gift certificate I have for a clothing store in Bath, Maine. The Co/Op has a ton of items for around $20 each and it's all pretty good quality. We're going up to Maine this weekend and I want to swing into the store to browse for a little. Most likely, I won't find anything, but it's looking like I can really just splurge and spend that $50 gift certificate on anything I want because I don't really need to fill any gaps in my wardrobe.

If I have time tonight, I'll do a quick sort through my closet before we head up to Maine and maybe do a post on "closet shopping", aka. re-finding things in my closet. I have too many shoes that I don't wear, but can't bring myself to pare down on the selection.

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