Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Link love

Happy October! Uh, not that we're already halfway through or anything.

How excellent is this tiny home? - I always thought a little cottage would make an excellent retreat somewhere in the woods of my grandmother's property. Water facilities wouldn't really be an option, but an outhouse-type waste unit could probably be set up. I don't know how you'd figure out power, as there probably aren't too many spaces that could easily get sunlight for solar power. Now is the perfect time of year to go exploring in those woods, as the bugs have mostly died off. I'm hoping to go up for a weekend trip next month before Thanksgiving, which will unfortunately mean that I miss out on prime Maine foliage.

A pancake recipe that I tried - It was okay. Not pumpkin-y enough somehow. I think a tablespoon of coconut flour would have helped the texture, which was very soft. Of course, with maple syrup, just about anything is delicious. Next time, I'll pay more attention to how much allspice and salt I'm using, as they were a little too salty. I may also use a blender to make sure all the ingredients have incorporated well. I'm a terrible whisker.

There were more. I ate them.

Kind of my dream faux-fur coat - I still really want to make one from the blue faux-fur (darker than photographed) that my godfather gave me (years ago, it's been waiting for a project), but I am so scared of screwing it up.. Time to start experimenting with patterns! Unfortunately, that means I need to buy some fabric!

We are going to London for our honeymoon! - It'll be in March, so we're keeping an eye on flight prices & good hotel deals to book ASAP. Anybody been? Suggestions on things to see? Day-trip worthy locations?

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