Monday, September 09, 2013

Summer’s end

My summer has been crazy busy and yet awesome and I felt it was worthy of a recap.

I just looked up that word. Ah, “to recapitulate”. I thought that might be the root word, but I couldn’t remember for a moment. What a weird looking term. I feel like more than one use of the word “word” in a paragraph looks INCREDIBLY awkward. Don’t read it aloud.

May totally counts for my purposes. I started cycling to work. I don’t think I got to do very much initially because of the PERSISTANT RAIN. Seriously, that was an incredibly rainy late-Spring around here. Is it usually like that? I never remember seasons from year to year. Except winter. That’s easy. Did it snow a lot? Y/N.


So many reasons to love June! #1 would be that my husband (then-fiancé) threw me a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY. I have never been part of a surprise party before nor had one thrown for me, so this was an awesome experience! He took me to the zoo that morning under the pretense of “lecturing about biology”, but I think he was so nervous about getting everyone at the apartment before we got back that he didn’t have much to say. I had a good time anyway. Did you know that flamingos smell awful? Anyway, the party was excellent and I totally cried when I saw my grandmother & friend from CT hiding in the hallway. It really hit me deeply that they travelled to celebrate my birthday with me. We served breakfast to the friends that stayed overnight, which is my favorite way to end a party.


I got freaking married, guys. I surprised EVERYONE (except my godfather, Hulky’s brother, and Hulky’s dad, who figured it out a few days prior when he overheard us talking about vows on the phone) and got married at my engagement party. His mom cried. My sister said, “What the hell?!” My grandmother just smiled. I think my dad went into shock. Hulky recently recalled to a friend, “We got drunk and went swimming at our wedding reception.” That was our wedding reception. It was perfect. We got to see some of the photos recently that we had our friend take with his nice camera and they are excellent. I can’t wait to get some printed for family & to put together a book. I should probably edit some of the phone camera photos I have from everyone else.

Sneak peek of the new place.
My new husband departed for a 3-week course for marine biology in Very Northern Maine. He got eaten alive by mosquitoes while I finalized us moving, got the apartment packed up, and tried to be an extrovert. It was tiring, it was difficult, and I accomplished everything I intended to do. I also implemented some new diet tweaks to help my slow, stupid gut and they helped quite a lot. I am now not the one stinking up the room, thank you, you can look elsewhere for the culprit.

And so begins September, aka. it’s already fall, you’re just in denial. Everybody is talking about the weather lately. I love talking about the weather, honestly, it’s my favorite small talk. I get nostalgic for the start of school around this time of year. I remember walking to school, picking what to wear/bring for the cold mornings and warm afternoons. I remember what my university campus looks like covered in orange leaves. And now I have a new home to enjoy with my favorite season.

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