Thursday, September 12, 2013

Link love

  • A delicious, delicious link – Goat’s milk sits better with me, so I’ll probably just make it with that. I will lessen the amounts of everything to make it a single serving and try it tonight! I’ve been sleeping poorly lately, so maybe this will help.
  • A comic by a deaf guy – Before you think I’m insensitive, look at the name of the webcomic. It’s pretty funny (and informative).
  • MMA is cool and you can totally do it paleo – Uh, I mean the food stuff. I don’t know what caveman wrestling would look like. I love paleo athletes, they come across as so chill to me.
  • Movies & TV have a lot of power – As an avid movie goer and viewer, this is something I need to keep in mind more often. I don’t think it’s always the movies themselves, but more how the movies are presented to us (the hype, the propaganda, the trailers). Analyze those trailers. Watch the news. There’s a lot of similarities in what they give us to digest. I’m still kind of on media blackout since the marathon bombings in April because I can’t stand seeing all that manipulative drivel.

But I totally gathered up supplies to be like Harriet the Spy after the movie came out. Turns out my neighborhood is pretty boring and I don’t want to break into people’s houses.

And jury duty showed me that real trials are not like TV shows. It’s a lot scarier when you’re knowingly sharing the room with a convicted rapist of a child.

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