Sunday, September 29, 2013

A game of shelves

New apartment photos – furnished.

Scroll down for photos of the apartment furnished. The couch needs some batting removed from the back cushions as they're too full, and I need to wash those cases and the rest of the couch (w/ upholstery cleaner to get the smoke smell out), but the bottom cushion covers have been washed.


I think the poster over the couch needs to be bolder. We need something new for that. That poster might be better suited for the bedroom. I think an ornate mirror would look great, but not sure if that's weird. I know there isn't really a color scheme in the living room. It bothers me a little, but I'm not good at matching stuff & I'm not about to replace furniture because it doesn't match! It's functional, it's comfortable, and it was all free. The only furniture we have bought: the beds & the dressers (bought before we moved in together, not for the apartment). Please disregard the ghetto curtain, it was my husband's idea and a great one.

I want to find something to put by Hulky's computer (on a wall you can't see in these photos). He's really indifferent to artwork, but I’m sure I can find something he’ll like. I put my favorite poster next to my desk.

The front bedroom (with the bed frame) needs some personality. Some shelves for the sewing supplies will help with the clutter and a hat rack is sorely needed. I don’t even wear hats often, but I love them and have managed to accumulate a lot over the years. Please buy me more, but don’t, because they will just collect dust and look pretty.

Moving in was easy (and moving was not that bad, albeit stressful) since I already knew where everything was going. The old apartment’s layout was pretty much the same. This place is slightly larger and the sunroom is awesome. I’m really happy to have the computers separated from everything else. If only the french doors were soundproof.

Since mostly everything is put away (except the box of Christmas decorations, which you can really see in the photo of the front bedroom), I’m focusing on cleaning now. I wiped down the blinds in the sunroom today…that was disgusting. Time for some more cleaning supplies.

And dear lord, we REALLY need some shelves in the hall closet.

I think shelving is kind of the theme of this place. It is desperately needed. We don’t really have more books to place, but I think it would look great. It’s a lot easier for me to envision changes here than it was in the other place, not sure why.

And a bookcase would look really sexy in the back bedroom, right where I put the cat poster.

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