Monday, August 26, 2013

My apartment is starting to echo again

I feel like I was more active this weekend than I have ever been in my life so far.

It felt GREAT.

But I am worn out. And pretty sore. I wish I had a foam roller for my calves.

Friday night, I put more things together to be moved over to the new apartment. Official move-in day is not until the 31st, but since the new place is vacated, I’m moving things over in batches so the last day is not a whirlwind of craziness. Hulky gets back from his 3-week class in Maine late on the 31st and I should have the apartment mostly unpacked by then!

Saturday morning, we packed more things and started moving it all over. My parents and my in-laws helped. We took at least 3 car loads over, plus a few items that were carried. After lunch, a friend (our new landlord’s son & a long-time friend of Hulky’s) helped move over some larger items in his VW bus, like the living room chairs, our dresser, and the queen-sized bed. It’s starting to look a little lived-in over there, which is reassuring, but I feel like there’s so much left.

Then there’s the couch.



Well, we don’t have a couch anymore! I really hope the trash people will take the pieces… The bed frame part was taken by somebody who probably wanted it for scrap metal.

It had to come out in pieces. Who knows how they got it into the apartment 2 years ago; I wasn’t there. This time, Hulky gets to come home to the new apartment, all moved in. It feels good to get to take over that role, at least once. I’d rather we get to move together next time though! I felt very out of my comfort zone trying to orchestrate things on Saturday, but I’m proud that I did it without having a melt-down, even if I did shut down a few times. I was glad to have a day to myself yesterday. I made turkey meatballs & ate nearly the whole pound with some organic marinara sauce from Trader Joe’s & at least half a roasted spaghetti squash. I guess I needed to restore some of that spent energy!

So what’s left that I can do before the last day?

  • Clean out the basement (there’s not that much) & move those things over to the new place
  • Clean the floors in the old apartment & new (what’s still accessible anyway)
    • Back bedroom in old apartment = done
  • Clean wall in back bedroom of both apartments
    • Old apartment has marks from dark sheets
    • New apartment has a stain that looks like someone splashed tea on the wall, may ask if I can just paint that wall if he still has the paint
  • Vacuum the remaining rugs in old apartment & move them
  • Hulky’s computer chair

This Saturday, I’ll pack up everything that is still here, which is

  • Computers & accessories
  • Computer desks
  • My remaining clothes
  • Pots & pans, and the dishes I used
  • Whatever is left in the fridge/pantry (some spices)
  • the full-size bed I’ve been sleeping on
  • air-conditioner
  • the cat, her litter box, her “furniture”
  • TV
  • Wall art

It looks like a lot to me, but I guess it’s not that much. Maybe two car loads, not totally packed, and we can walk over the bed pieces. It’s just a block!

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