Monday, July 22, 2013

Link love

Love & marriage are probably going to be a bit of a theme around here for a little while. Not sorry. It’s on my mind :).

  • 15 ways to stay married 15 years – I immediately loved these points with #1. Trying to resolve an argument before going to sleep (especially with the argument was late at night) has NEVER BEEN A GOOD IDEA (for me). I always feel better about a situation, or at least less volatile, after I’ve gotten some rest. Some of the points were less obvious to me, but are things I hope to take to heart.
  • I want this shirt – ONeill Womens Skins Long Sleeve Crew Black White – Medium (affiliate link, but no I’m not asking you to buy it for me). It’s funny that I never thoguht of this before. I want more tattoos and I worry a lot about fading my owl & eagle tattoo with sunlight while swimming or on my infrequent beach trips. I don’t like dealing with cover-ups, but this shirt would allow me to swim and sun freely without worry. Less sunscreen = less hassle. Plus, these kinds of shirts are great for anyone who doesn’t feel confident shirtless, but wants to swim without getting their regular clothes all wet. Swimming in t-shirts is a bit silly, in my opinion.
  • I don’t have celiac disease, but I am definitely gluten sensitive. I got a bit lazy about my usual gluten-free diet for the past few months. Part of it was just to keep myself from stressing out about anything unnecessarily as we approached the surprise wedding. It can be a hassle to find food/make meals that are interesting & filling that don’t cause me discomfort, sometimes. Ordering dinner out is my biggest challenge, as there aren’t a lot of gluten-free options and when I’m feeling lazy enough to order out, I’ll often just say screw it and get something with wheat. I started experiencing some intense joint pain all over my body a few weeks ago and started back on a strictly gluten-free diet 6 days ago. It only took a few days for the joint pain to go away. Staying grain-free with minimal starches keeps bloat away too. My gut is all kinds of screwy.
  • A recipe! OMG is right, this looks really good. Look at it.

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