Monday, June 24, 2013

*creak* Hello?

I've got thoughts! There are things happening in my head!

But none of it is ready to get to text form yet. I'm working on it. Mostly, I'm missing some pieces and time is the only answer.

I guess I'm not writing as well as I'd hoped I would be. Well-constructed language seems foreign to me right now. I'm sick, leave me alone. Have some links!

  • FOR THE LOVE OF FRIENDS - how to make friends as an adult! I love this article more than I can really articulate. Seriously. Please read it and evaluate how you are approaching friendships in your own life because I CAN'T JUST DO THIS ON MY OWN. I am so, so appreciative of how loved I have been feeling lately, just from a text message here and there from friends that I don't speak to as often as I'd like. Most of that is my fault, to be honest.
  • Be supportive through your language. Yeap, more Offbeat links. I love these sites. I'm not an activist. I'm not a protester. But there are people that I want to support and changes that I think need to happen in our legislature here in the States. I have been making a conscious effort to use more inclusive language when discussing relationships and identities. I hope it helps make at least one person feel more comfortable because at least one is enough. Helping other people to be happy makes me happy.
  • Tobuscus keeps cracking me up - plus Hulky and I keep getting the ends of his videos stuck in our heads ("do do do do do do do subSCRIBE").

June has been an awesome month for me so far. Thanks for reading!

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