Friday, April 12, 2013

Thinking about LTC (license to carry)

I took my time coming up with a response. What was I really feeling?

“The idea of a gun in the house makes me nervous.”


"… I wouldn’t want a gun in the house unless I knew how to operate it safely.”

Safety: the idea behind having a gun, behind all guns. Keep yourself safe, keep your family safe. But I am not concerned about protecting myself from other people. I just like the idea of knowing how to use something, if I ever had to.

Apparently, in Massachusetts, you have to take a state approved gun safety course and fit in certain qualifications and you can get a license to carry. There are different licenses for different types of firearms that affect concealed carry vs. open carry, but as far as I can tell, you could get a license to carry a weapon concealed in MA. I think that’s limited to handguns.

Gun control laws are a hot issue right now, one that I’m not actually certain how I weigh in. On the one hand, I like the idea that people can get a firearm, with certain measures in place to restrict access to certain people. That leads to the issue of “who”, which no one knows how to answer fairly. I don’t like the idea that people feel like they need guns to protect themselves, but that has more to do with society and less to do with access to guns.

It’s a very personal decision, no matter how you boil it down. One thing I think all sides need to keep in mind is that nations evolve. Nations must evolve. What once was or was not does not necessarily need to be or become.

I like the idea that someday, firearms may be available, through appropriate safety control measures and appropriate identification/training, if someone wanted them, but that people would choose not to get them at all.

The solution behind everything is usually education.

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