Monday, April 15, 2013

Immediate reactions…

There is something so violating about an incident such as the explosions at the Boston Marathon.

I am a Bostonian by proximity. I have not spent a lot of time in the city proper, but being only 10 miles from the city, it seems appropriate to call it my home. Somebody attacked my home.

On September 11, 2011, I was in middle school. I remember finishing the first class of the day and hearing rumors in the hallways about something happening in New York City. In my next class, the teacher had the TV on and we watched as a plane struck the second World Trade Center tower. We saw the towers fall. I remember very little about the atmosphere in the room, but I was suddenly impressed with a sense of maturity. People died behind those walls, while we watched. I don’t think I fully realized what was happening as I saw it. Many classmates remembered parents and family members on business trips, maybe in NYC, maybe elsewhere. A couple people panicked about flights in other parts of the country. I think my dad was on a business trip in Texas at the time, but I knew he was safe and I felt annoyed at students that were worrying unnecessarily about people in unaffected cities. Later in the day, there was an assembly and the principal was burdened with the task of explaining those events to the student body. I no longer remember what was said, but I remember asking my mom what the elementary school students might have been told.

When I found out about the explosions in Boston today, I was at work. I was angry. Someone out there is either laughing at their success or lamenting over the lack of impact. Perhaps 2 dead, one of them an 8-year-old child, was not enough for their mission, whatever it may be.

When I got home, I was sad. I distracted myself with food and then TV. I watched the Boston PD press conference. There was nothing new to hear about. I stopped going online for a while. I watched Bones on Netflix and (SPOILER) when Bones and Booth’s baby was born, I cried. I don’t think I need to explain why I was feeling over-emotional.

Whoever did this… People forget how angry America can be. There is plenty of historical evidence about what happens when you piss us off. Man, we got pissed about TAXES and revolted against our mother country! I am absolutely proud to be a citizen of this nation, but I am afraid of what kind of retaliation could come from this. That could be exactly what the perpetrator(s) want and that could be devastating for more people than deserve it.

You know this poster?

It’s bullshit.

Keep calm and keep informed. Don’t let hype words fool you. A good example is this afternoon’s news coverage. Various reporting agencies would and have been referring to the explosions as bombs, and while that is incredibly likely given the evidence (color of the smoke, ball bearings at the scene and inside injuries), the police have not confirmed the cause. “Carry on” carries the implication of continuing as usual. This isn’t business as usual. Someone wants us to panic. Don’t. Someone wants us to be afraid. Don’t. Be angry. Be informed. React calmly, educated, and justice will be served. Right or wrong, that is what this country acts in the name of.

You’ve messed with the wrong people. Boston is a place of fiery tempers. I am afraid.


  1. I think the trauma of watching the coverage today resulted in my over-emotional state at the visitation of an 18 year old I hadn't seen since he was 3. Looking back at how I was during the visitation makes me feel like a complete fool, but I think the emotions that come from seeing a young man dead too soon, envisioning what his mother's life will be like from this point forward, seeing my own son in the pictures on display at the funeral home, coupled with the loss, grief, disappointment and fear that came from today's horrible events in Boston was all just too much for me. I think your post is perfect and we need to be sure to fight back. American's are fighters. We don't lay down and lick our wounds. But I am sincerely worried about the state of our country. There have been entirely too many attacks on humanity in recent months/years and it's making me fearful of what the future has in store for us. :(

    1. I am more worried about the response that might happen. I saw a Facebook friend post something awful about the Westboro Baptist church in response to the explosions in Boston and the person said, "They should be bombed!" I said, "I don't think more bombing will help" and unfriended them. We weren't actual friends anyway and never spoke (she was a high school classmate). That kind of lashing out is what is going to get us into trouble. I want nothing more than for the person or people responsible to be tried in a court of law, national or international. I am afraid of excessive retaliation, or someone doing something without thinking and ruining the chances of a fair trial.

      I felt embarrassed at how emotional I was over what happened, but I realized it was more foolish to feel embarrassed. There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling sad about what happened.

      I hope you are feeling better today!