Monday, April 01, 2013

A weekend at large

It's amazing how rejuvenating a good weekend can be. I had been sleeping poorly all last week and I think, in the end, it was mostly due to stress.
  • Friday, my friend came up for a visit. We went out to Boston Burger Company and finished the night at the apartment, watching Futurama on Netflix. Among all that, lots of chatting occurred. I had entirely forgotten how good it can feel to just chat with a "girlfriend" about anything and everything. I was so nervous about that one-on-one interaction, since it's been a long time since I did that regularly, but as the night went on, I worried less and less about filling silences or finding things to talk about. Saturday, we went out to breakfast at Uncommon Grounds (I got gluten-free stuffed french toast and a hot chocolate with banana & macadamia flavoring) and hit up a thrift store in Central Square that I hadn't known existed. I got two pairs of jeans that fit beautifully (huge bonus to buying pre-washed clothing!) and a floor-length prom dress that I think I'm going to revamp into a party dress (tea-length).
  • Saturday, Hulky and I went to a dinner party to watch the new episode of Doctor Who. The idea of a dinner party is so grown up to me, but it was very relaxed. The people in attendance were friends from my university, all with a lot of common nerdy interests. The food was great, especially the "fish fingers and custard" for dessert (fried pound cake with coconut flakes dipped in custard pudding). We stayed late, watching people get increasingly drunk while playing Mario on an old console video game system (I'm sorry, I'm not a gamer nerd, I don't know the name of the system!).
  • Sunday, we played Terraria together, which is a surprisingly addicting game. I'm slowly getting better at jumping around. Precision jumping has always been an issue for me and every time I encounter it in a new game, there's an adjustment period where I get exceptionally frustrated and eventually forget I was ever pissed about my lack of skill. I'm not quite there yet. We also drove the Mustang a few times to get it over to his parents' house and pick up some drinks for Easter dinner. Easter dinner at the future in-laws' was nice. I am regretting not eating more ham! It was delicious.
I also got some grocery shopping and laundry done, so my weekend was fun AND productive. Can't beat that...unless I'd made some money too.

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