Monday, February 11, 2013

Because it’s important

that I write this while it’s fresh, and I’m feeling it, and I’m happy, and I remember.

Because he’s important. We’re important.

Because every day since even before he put the ring on my finger & grinned at me in the kitchen before asking, “Oh, do I need to say it?”, I have been living in this cloud of bliss that I never thought was real.

It’s all cliché and it’s all true. I am less resentful of others’ joy now. I don’t need what they have; I have my own (version).

When I tell him I need to stop planning the wedding this far out, when schedules clash and I can only really do it on my own, and he says, “I accept your proposal,” I am a little shocked and more than satisfied by his response.

When he tells me that he wants to do the first dances & dance with his mom, I am surprised again, but then I fall another time because I knew he'd want these things. I know him.

This man loves me.

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