Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Insert clever title here

I was going to share a photo of this amazing chicken that I roasted.


But then I started eating it.

And discovered it needed a little more cooking.


(At least it was delicious, and still is after a little more roasting. Salt is awesome and vertical roasters are cool.)

Life is crazy right now. Back next week, I hope.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Because it’s important

that I write this while it’s fresh, and I’m feeling it, and I’m happy, and I remember.

Because he’s important. We’re important.

Because every day since even before he put the ring on my finger & grinned at me in the kitchen before asking, “Oh, do I need to say it?”, I have been living in this cloud of bliss that I never thought was real.

It’s all clichĂ© and it’s all true. I am less resentful of others’ joy now. I don’t need what they have; I have my own (version).

When I tell him I need to stop planning the wedding this far out, when schedules clash and I can only really do it on my own, and he says, “I accept your proposal,” I am a little shocked and more than satisfied by his response.

When he tells me that he wants to do the first dances & dance with his mom, I am surprised again, but then I fall another time because I knew he'd want these things. I know him.

This man loves me.

Mind dump

This place has always been and always will be a dumping ground for my thoughts. I’m having a good Monday so far, which is a great judgment considering I’ve only been up for 3.5 hrs. The past few weeks, Mondays have been very groggy for me, not sure why! Perhaps the snow was rejuvenating for me.

  • I didn’t shovel much, thanks to my intrepid/determined fiancĂ©, but it felt really good to move. I was tired after shoveling, but not totally worn out. My arms are still sore two days later. My biceps look marginally larger (so proud of those little muscles). All in all, good feelings!
  • The snow is beautiful. We lost partial power for 2-3 hrs Friday night during the height of things, but NSTAR was very quick about getting it back. Even though I haven’t been getting outside much, and haven’t been keeping up with my Vitamin D supplementation, I feel pretty good even on cloudy days.

My tax returns have been deposited already and I am really happy to see my marginal amount of savings grow a little. I’m going to need all I can get for that wedding! I’m not tracking my monthly expenditures anymore, just not spending unnecessarily except for pre-planned treats & outings (movies 2x monthly, for example), and using coupons everywhere that I can. This week, we’ll go see the new Die Hard, probably Friday night or on the weekend, for Valentines Day.

We have our dream, #1 choice venue picked out. I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that they are not out of our imagined price limit (won’t really know until we get there, I guess), but I think they will be.

Just a warning, if one more person asks me about color schemes for my wedding, I might vomit. I just really don’t care! I just want it to be purty!