Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Link love–on a Tuesday

It’s been a while since I did a links post!

  • Pony-fans and bronies alike… if you like LotR, you will like this shirt.
  • One of my favorite bloggers is pregnant! Congratulations, Kate! Go wish her happy things :).
  • I’m feeding my cat raw food. As in, I chop up some raw chicken, I put it on a plate, she eats it. That’s it. I’m experimenting with different sizes of pieces and cuts of chicken. I’ll go with different types of meat at some point too, but we’re only 2 weeks in. She eats chicken livers for one meal every week to make sure she’s getting all the nutrients she needs. The meat is never ground, to ensure she gets enough Taurine. I’ll start to incorporate small bones at some point, too. You can read more about raw-feeding for cats here. Fae gets about 5 oz of raw meat every day, which should get her to an ideal weight of 11 lbs. She has already lost a bit of the bulk that she gained on the grain-free kibble I put her on.

In other news…


I’m so glad GIF’s work on Blogger. I want to use this thing everywhere and for everything.

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