Monday, January 07, 2013

I don’t think it’s very nice to walk around my head all night.

Some nice purple tones for the cold weather:

How can I already be ready for Spring? My seasonal sensors are off by one. They have been since July, when I was desperate for Fall! I got all my Halloween-y movie watching done in September (mostly vampire flicks of the last decade). My Christmas cheer was done with the New Year, which I suppose is appropriate. I didn’t really get into the spirit until December, which I also think is appropriate, and then the thrill of New Year’s Eve passed, and I felt a settling back to normal. Now I’m kind of wondering what to look forward to. Valentine’s Day? We usually have a little date or something. I think I need to make a card this year. Then the boyfriend’s birthday (I already know what I’m making him), then nothing until a random day off (Memorial Day), then my birthday in June! Man, last year was so much busier.

What we found after a few hours watching Django Unchained.

With the snow that we got just before New Year’s, I suddenly felt myself in winter mode. It was outrageously cold for a few days (below 0*F at night) and there was ice everywhere. It was beautiful. Now I’m done with it. If we aren’t going to have continuous snow, I want warmth! I’m ready to see crocuses popping up! I want to smell (and sneeze at) fresh growing things! Love-sick sighs all around. What is with me? I used to only get all sappy about Autumn, now it’s just ALL THE TIME.

I’ve been thinking about our trip to DC last year. Hard to believe it’s just under a year ago that we did that. It was a blast and I really wish we could travel again this year, but I think we’re staying closer to home in order to save up. This is a year of settling & saving, I think.

Hey, I now have an email address just for the blog, so I don’t have to give out my personal one! You can reach me at I had to tweak it a bit so I wouldn’t have to add any numbers. I’m thinking changing the web address for the blog too, so I can get rid of the zero. We’ll see. I still need a decent header, but that probably requires that I stop changing the blog theme with the season.

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