Thursday, January 31, 2013

How to plan a wedding–collect blogs?

I’m not even a week into my engagement and, I have a confession to make, I’ve been reading wedding blogs.

For months.

[[ducks in case of flying fruit]]

Okay, here’s the thing that bugs me about this.

1. I shouldn’t be ashamed for having dreamt of this! Hulky (yes, this is a legitimate nickname of his, and while I think I’ve referred to him by name here, I’ve still never asked if he’d prefer anonymity) and I spoke about getting married quite a ways back and agreed that we both wanted that, together. So, what’s wrong with a bit of dreaming? It’s not like I planned out the whole wedding on my own before we were even engaged. Even if I had, maybe that works for us and who cares what other people think of what I do (I do, but I try not to).

2. The blogs I’ve been reading have had some really helpful articles that have set some of my worries at ease before I even had them. Being someone prone to anxiety, that means worlds to me. I read the advice and think, “Man, I’m glad I read that, I know this is something that would have worried me!” Just in case that wasn’t clear and I needed to spell out the entire thought to you.

3. My writing style has evolved as a result (well, I think it has). I feel like I have a different approach in “speaking” to my audience. [[crickets chirp]]

And now, I share with you some of my favorite blogs. I fully intend to sign up for those that have resources and wed-sites (customizable sites that can be set up in lieu of invitations), but most require you have a wedding date, so first things first.

  • Offbeat Bride – If you know me, you know why I like this site. It’s nerdy, features all kinds of “alternative” weddings, including, but not limited to, queer weddings, tattooed, pierced, and crazy-colored hair folks, families of all shapes and sizes, as well as SO MUCH DORKINESS. There is kind of an absurd amount of Doctor Who and Star Wars stuff going on in some of those weddings. It’s cool though. This site has such a wide range of people contributing, so it’s really great for a general “alternative” resource. It’s actually how I found EraGem, where I picked my engagement ring.

engagement ring

  • A Practical Wedding – This is the site that stopped me from going crazy before I went crazy (well, I still have plenty of time to do that). Really great articles on all kinds of things (pre-engagement, engagement, relationships ending, divorce, marriage, in-laws, who to invite, saying no to guests etc.). Check it out, see if anything gets you thinking.
  • Broke Creative Bride – I think the first word in this blog explains why I like it so much. Really nice break-downs of different aspects of a wedding and where to cut costs, creatively!
  • Broke-Ass Bride – See above. Lots of categories to search through, for wherever you’re looking to save money in planning your wedding.
  • Intimate Weddings – I don’t know what the guest list is going to look like at this point, but this site is a great resource for what a smaller wedding can look like. I don’t think I’m going to DIY all that much, I don’t have the patience or the creativity, but this site still has some good ideas.
  • Love & Lobster – This site is no longer updating, but the articles and resources are all still there! I like it purely for the fact that it focuses on Maine, and that’s where I want to get hitched. It was also cool to see weddings take place in areas that I’m somewhat familiar with.
  • Poptastic Bride – Considers itself “funky”. The whole site is devoted to ways to break the mold on a traditional wedding structure, but to be honest, it’s not as edgy as I’d like. That’s okay, though, they aren’t my weddings! It still has some really pretty stuff to look at.

Anybody else out there reading wedding blogs? Which do you like? Which don’t you like?

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