Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oh, Christmas Tree - 2012


It’s smaller than last year’s, but I think it’s an appropriately apartment-sized tree. Plus, I don’t have any beads or a ton of ornaments, so it’s fitting. It also fits quite nicely in that corner, given the lessened space by the addition of the book case. My parents insisted on getting us a tree and I’m grateful. Unfortunately, despite seeming very lively in the lot, it hasn’t been soaking up any water. DOA!


Like our make-shift tree topper? I don’t remember where that hat came from. It’s very lightweight and semi-transparent if you look too closely. Works well as an ornament.


My little Christmas display could use some fake snow or a garland, I think. I love my mini-tree, though (thanks, sis!). My grandmother has had one for a long time so it has sentimental value.

This is the 13th Christmas without my Didushka (passed away on Christmas Day in 1999). My spiritual practices may be questionable, but I like to think I feel his presence this time of year. Somehow, despite having only a mustache and being quite bald, he embodies the Spirit of Christmas for me. His picture is on that desk all year round, but it feels especially appropriate right now.

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