Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Creepy tree fingers in the fog

I keep telling you, I'm surrounded by empty cubicles!

But the views are worth it.

The fog was intense this morning (I loved it). I think it's likely that we'll continue to have fog in the mornings for the rest of the week, since it's going to be fairly cold at night and reasonably warm (for nearly-Winter in this area) during the day. I think that's how fog works. It's like condensation, right? I missed the weather segment of my college science course and regret that. I'm working on a new playlist for the car and may share it here on the blog when I'm finished. Tonight, I go to my godfather's house to help with his "new" (to him) iMac, which he's having trouble getting online, so I may not have time to work more on the playlist.

I have nothing of real interest to share today. I'm sure I say that a lot. I'll be working on a ginormous applesauce production post soon. I canned my first batch last night from utility apples that my godfather gave me. Utility apples are perfectly delicious and well-meaning apples that are bruised, too big, too small, misshapen or otherwise not normal enough to sell. I ended up not even getting 48 oz from the amount that I peeled and chopped up. It felt like a lot, but the apples cook down quite a bit. I only added cinnamon so there's no added sweetener. I love the flavor and hope that the people it is eventually gifted to will enjoy it too! I am looking forward to the days when I can have yogurt again so I can eat fresh yogurt with warm applesauce on top. It's a surprisingly amazing combination.

Anyway, I took a few pictures while making applesauce last night, but not enough of the step-by-step process. When I read about canning your own applesauce, I was seriously intimidated by all the boiling and steps that have to occur in a relatively short time span. The longest part is probably bringing the water in the canning pot to boil, since there's a lot of it. I think I figured out the timing well enough, though it was kind of awkwardly broken up by me leaving the house a few times (shutting off the burners to be safe) to move laundry two streets over. Oh well, next time, I'll do it on a totally free night. I already know how I messed up in a few ways, so I think the next batch will go more smoothly.

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