Friday, November 09, 2012

One link at a time

I read this article today and thought it would be fun to break down my thoughts on some of the points made.

18 Things You Should Say Yes To

1. I have to admit, I feel really grungy when I actually do this on weekends, but it also feels really good. Full disclosure: I tend not to shower on those days and feel slightly rebellious getting all stinky and doing nothing. The shower before I go to bed feels oh-so-good.

3. Good point. I’m trying to take it easy on the sugar so I don’t end up with migraines again (that was the “problem of the week” this week), but out with friends, dessert is definitely a good idea.

5. I am completely guilty of fake-checking my phone. Generalized Anxiety Disorder means I have anxiety to some degree about most things. Having a buddy with me makes it a lot easier, and I think that’s true for most people, too. It is also why I will drag my boyfriend to any and every wedding I am invited to, when +1’s are allowed. Not to mention I get to see him dressed up.

7. I am guilty of this and it’s not a good thing. I have a few friends that live far away, or even just not-terribly-close and I am abhorrent at keeping in touch. Phone calls make me nervous. I hate talking over people. I could still improve on this, though. Then again, they could be reaching out too! ;)

9. My hair is pin-straight. It’s boring. Hence, the pink.

10. My favorite part about going up to Maine to see my grandmother. Sometimes sitting and doing nothing, or reading Reader’s Digest is such a good feeling. Funny note: my grandmother bought me a subscription to Reader’s Digest. I only read them at her house because they’re there, not because I like them all that much! The jokes are good, at least.

11. See my recent wedding outfit. That’s exactly what it was.

17. Some of my friends parents are actually really cool people. I’d love to talk to them more and…well, I just don’t know how. I’m pretty nervous about ever inviting someone “grow up” to dinner. I make pretty lazy meals for the most part, so that would mean extra effort to make something “nice” and then what if they don’t like it?! What if it comes out bad?! I need to figure out some way around this, or just start showing up to get fed. I don’t think they’d really mind.

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