Thursday, November 08, 2012

New England weather

I’m terribly jaded and biased when it comes to weather in New England. I’ve lived in Massachusetts my whole life, and while I have travelled a bit and experiences other climes, this is home to me. So when everybody said a Nor’Easter was on its way in, I shrugged. My reaction turned out to be appropriate. I know other areas of MA or the North Eastern US got hit harder, but the snow was already getting washed away by the time I got out to the car this morning, before 8AM.

View outside the window at work. I've enjoyed watching the seasons change from here.

I no longer wake up when the plows go by at night. I always used to, in school, even through college. Falling back asleep with a smile on my face, knowing there’d be snow on the street in the morning, was a beloved ritual. Even if I was pretty groggy this morning and I know it won’t last through the day from the rain, I was still happy to see the slushy snow and clear it off the car. Maybe it’s unsafe for me to be unafraid of driving in it. Oh well. Between watching the road and glancing at the mirrors, I smile at the mid-Fall scenery on my way to work. I take things a little slower, not just to avoid skidding tires, but to soak in the masked daylight.

Other view from work. Yes, I'm surrounded by empty cubicles. I love it.

I’d really miss weather like this if I ever move away from New England, Seasonal Affective Disorder be damned.

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