Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Links and blatherings

If anyone has interest in an EPIC Paleo Holiday giveaway, please click this link! It's the usual "like" on Facebook for entries deal, but there are also links to share with other people. Anyone who clicks the link gets extra entries (so yes, clicking that link will get me more entries). Gift card to US Wellness Meats, Le Creuset set, a smoker, an assortment from PaleoTreats... It looks amazing. Don’t worry, parents, I will give you the smoker. That would be an awesome addition to the annual Easter party (though I still seriously think we should roast an animal on a spit in the yard some year).

Am I the only one disappointed by the lack of snow so far today? There was a whisper of flurries this morning, but that’s all so far. My hopes for a White Christmas have mostly died at this point. Global warming is winning. Maybe I should move to Canada. But wait! As I write this, more snow is starting to fall. If only I had some hot chocolate to sip, then I could feel all cozy at work.

For funzies, here’s my Mustang:

It’s a mess and I’m falling in love with it.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a link post. I don’t have much to share today.

  • deciding to trust other woman again – For a long time, I have said that most of my friends are guys. In college, this was definitely true. It’s only now that I’ve graduated that I’ve started to be more friendly with the woman in our group of friends. I have this persisting feeling that I don’t know how to be friends with women. There were definitely girls growing up that treated me badly and I let myself get hurt by them, but I also had a really good girl friend in high school. I have no idea how I ended up like this. I emailed the author of the blog post about the blue fuzzy coat mentioned at the end… I think I could use a friendly, fuzzy hug, and I know enough online folks that I think I could find someone to pass it on to :) Fingers crossed!
  • Autism: Traffic pollution linked, study suggests – To be fair, there are so many things that people come up with as possible reasons for various disorders. (I do not think vaccines have anything to do with it.) I just don’t understand why people seem so resistant to the idea that toxic chemicals could make you sick. I try to keep an open mind about all theories behind illness and review the evidence I can find to come to my own opinion. There’s plenty of information out there!

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