Monday, October 01, 2012

Welcome to October, 2012.

Time for a general life update and such. Mostly boring. Carry on.

Being a goon at work

It’s officially October and I’m starting my month off wearing a sweater and with freshly pinked hair. I don’t think it’s quite as light as it appears in this photo. I used Ion Color Brilliance in Fuchsia. I think I’d like to try Magenta next time, which is a little darker, but I want to see how this brand fades out. I have another tube of this color that I can use for touching up before the wedding I’m attending later this month. I definitely  need a trim in the back.

Good news: 4 years ago, I got the wrong prescription on a pair of glasses, and today, it’s exactly the right prescription. I only have to pay for new lenses now if I want to! That’s saving me $50-200, depending on whether I would have tried out or gotten new lenses in my last frames, from Pearl Vision.

A new page is started on my budgeting spreadsheet. I’m trying not to think too actively just yet about how my money needs to be spent this month. At some point in the next week or two, I’ll schedule to have our oil tank filled (one more thing to tick off my list of “things that make me feel like a real, responsible adult) and that will be one massive weight off my mind. I failed at putting up any of the plastic wrap stuff on the windows this weekend, only because the special double-stick tape we had was too told to peel off the second side. And laziness. But I’m allowed to be lazy on a Sunday.

In other news, I miss yogurt. Damn you, sudden lactose intolerance. We’re going on over a month now of GI issues, I think. I’ve got a game plan from the doctor, but it’s still a lot of waiting for my body to decide it can function properly again. Judging by the amount of Vitamin C I need to take to make things work properly (up to ~3.2g every 4 hours), we are not close to functional yet.

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