Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Changing it up

There are many things in life that benefit from regular changes. Forms and strains of probiotics, exercise and any other kind of training routine, and sometimes, diet. I’ve been having some really terrible digestive issues for the past couple of months. I’ve seen the doctor, but I’m still having a really hard time with the symptoms. Fortunately, I got back Friday. I really like my doctor’s approach, which is rather holistic, and very in-line with how I prefer to operate nutritionally and with dietary supplements. It’s really great to know that a health professional fully supports my use of amino acids for depression and anxiety, especially when I don’t usually trust doctors very much.

So, here’s a snippet of my life right now: I usually eat in a way that is very much in line with a paleolithic diet. I used to eat dairy, but don’t seem to tolerate it anymore (this makes me very sad because my homemade yogurt was the bomb). Basically, I eat fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, and nuts. Bam. Pretty simple, right? But not boring at all! Now, nothing seems to sit well with me. There are issues with my gut that seem beyond what just good food can help. I’m looking into following a kind of GAPS protocol, which can be really beneficial for gut problems, as well as some behavioral/mental issues. It could be likened to a “cleanse”, but unlike most, is actually very good for you. The first stage is just eating homemade stock and bone broth! I really need to read the book to comment on it more, but overall, I could definitely go with more bone broth in my life.

Generally speaking, I think I will benefit the most from stress reduction. I’ve got my mood-support supplements worked out right now, so that’s good. I’m working on socializing more and making more time for a life outside of work, so that’s good. But even as much as I love eating what I eat, I feel stressed out by it sometimes, especially when other aspects of my life are stressing me out. Much like I recently decided to free myself from some of the burdens of financial responsibility, I am looking to do that with my diet as well. This is only temporary: my health, as tenuous as it is right now, cannot stand for me to eat donuts all day long or pizza every night. It’s tempting, even after all this time, but I know how terrible I would feel, physically, after eating those things. For this week, my freedom will be making some cookies, eating more white rice, and enjoying some alcohol at a wedding.

Let me be clear: I’m not “on a diet”. If I follow-through with GAPS, yes, I will see that as a temporary dietary framework in order to exact certain results. My everyday way of eating is just how I eat. Before my gut got messed up, I felt overall pretty great. I think I was close to fitting my definition of healthy. It’s hard not to view this as a setback, but I’m still learning a lot and that makes it worth it, somehow.

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