Friday, September 28, 2012

On links and savings

In other news, I’m really struggling with my budget lately. This past month, I ended up buying several slightly pricier things that I could have lived without. Does the dress look amazing on me? Yes, but I already have a purple dress that I haven’t gotten to wear out yet. One date that ended early doesn’t count (and there was no photographic evidence). Now I have two. I think I have been too restrictive on myself, otherwise I might have been able to pass up some of these purchases. I don’t need to play two different video games at the same time, I could’ve waited to buy Borderlands 2!

I’ve been tracking my spending since November of 2011, using my online bank statements to recording incoming and outgoing transactions on my checking account. My tattoo was a costly (but worthy) investment, and other than that, I haven’t spent much money on myself outside of essentials this year so far. It’s starting to wear on me, honestly. There are so many things that I would like to have, would make my life easier to have, and some things that I just think are amazing, but totally not essential, but I am tied down to some really boring and frustrating financial obligations. I am making all my regular student loan payments, but have not been able to pay any extra towards any of them. I had hoped to pay off the smallest loan this year, but unless the end of year bonus is really good and I don’t need it for anything else, that’s looking unlikely. The biggest $ suck has been saving up for oil to heat the apartment this winter. We are starting to move into cooler temperature ranges and I will have to get the tank filled soon. Goodbye, savings. I know continuing to save this winter is going to be a struggle.

I’ve already planned out a couple of Christmas gifts. I’m only going to do things for the boyfriend and my little brother (whom I already have a gift for, just needs some embellishment).

I think I need to come up with a way to feel less restricted about my tight budget. Smallish treats that are very separate from things that I need (food stuff, for example, would be too much like an essential purchase, but a fiction book would be good) might be a good way to break things up a little. One book a month seems pretty meager, but it’s somewhere to start. I welcome any suggestions to make this whole endeavor feel less daunting.

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