Monday, September 24, 2012

J'suis là pour ça

Autumn is officially here, and there’s no question about it. Everyday, I see more leaves on the ground. The view from my cubicle at work shows the slow conversion of trees to Fall foliage. I’m hoping the trees around my apartment start to turn soon so I can get a good photo to use as a background for the blog. Mornings and nights have started getting pretty cold. I think it would down to 43F this morning! I am going to have to get warmer gloves so my poor fingers don’t freeze on the scoot to work.

There are several things I hope to accomplish this Fall, and I already feel like I’m running out of time.

My grandfather, helping press apples for apple cider, 1992

  • Go apple picking – Apples came early this year, so I need to go sooner rather than later. Apparently, McIntosh apples (which are GREAT for applesauce) come later in the season, so now would be perfect for me to get some. I’m worried that I won’t be able to go before all the apples are gone!
  • Get up to Maine – I really want to visit my grandmother, as well as raid her canning supplies. She used to make applesauce, sweet pears, and all kinds of “canned” stuff. When I made my own applesauce, it immediately made me think of hers, with no added sugar, just all about the spice and natural flavor of the apples. I have no doubts that she still has jars I could use, and the tongs/pot/wire rack required to properly handle and treat the jars.
  • Dress up for Hallowe’en – This is happening, no matter what, but I’m having a hard time coming up with a creative, yet affordable, costume to make.
  • Go to King Richard’s Faire – If only to experience the delicious turkey legs. It would be fun to play some of the games (toss Ninja stars, throw throwing axes) as well. Too bad I can’t have beer right now (anti-yeast diet), otherwise I’d get a yard of ale again :)

King Richard's Faire, 2010

And everything that gets in the way is: money!

Okay, and a car that can’t make long trips right now. Boo.

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