Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The sky was still honestly blue

It’s been cooling off in the mornings lately, which means my stupid scooter starts harder and my rides to work are more comfortable. I’ve even seen some leaves on the ground, though probably just from faulty trees or dry weather (when?!), it throws my head for a loop. We’re only a week into August! But really, I don’t mind the Autumnal weather. I’m a big fan of the Fall aesthetic, though my coloring is apparently more suited towards Summery tones. Fall means Halloween, which I have always loved preparing for.

A park in Worcester, MA. 2009

One of the things that got me thinking about having a home was hosting parties. Having a party with cheap booze, BYOB, and $5 large cheese pizzas is pretty, well, cheap, but it’s not what I’d really like. What I’d really like is to have a bit of a potluck party, with Fall-ish or Halloween themed foods. I’d love to make a pumpkin soup or stew to share, have hot cider going in the crock pot, and desserts with orange and black decorations. Last year, we hosted a party with booze, pizza, and some cupcakes. It was fun, but very “college”. If I had my own home, I feel that it would also mean that I have enough spare income to make this kind of party happen. I think I can still make it happen, even if it just means some gluten-free treats for me/to share, but it won’t be the scope that I’d like it to be.

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