Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pinterest challenge–Cream of tartar to clean stainless steel

When new pots are shiny, I love them even more than your average pot. When new pots are no longer new or shiny, I am saddened. So I embarked on a journey to see if making a paste with cream of tartar would clean my stainless steel stock pot from Sur la table.

Results? Awesome. It only takes a few drops of water per tablespoon of tartar to make a paste, then I just used a sponge to scrub it around. There’s still some elbow grease that needs to be applied, and I think I’ll do another round, but it’s a nice improvement.



  1. This is amazing! I only use baking soda and vinegar in cleaning my stainless steel utensils. Hence, this is a new idea to me. I’ll definitely try it later. Anyway, here’s a tip of mine to make it shinier: dab baby oil thoroughly on the surface of your stainless steel appliances and tools. After a few seconds, wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

    1. I rarely clean this pot thoroughly because it's such a hassle. With the oils I cook with, how dirty my grates are (oops), and the hardness of the water here, it's inevitable that stuff builds up.

      I haven't actually tried baking soda on this pan before, so it might work much better. Worth the $4-6 of cream of tartar, if you don't have it, to try though, I think!

      I don't have any baby oil, but I bet that would help with the water drops that always appear on my pot. This is the only stainless steel cookware I have, unfortunately.

      Thanks for stopping by!