Thursday, August 02, 2012

Off-day link-day

  • Members of Ok Go! are Paleo! – What can I say, I’m a dork. I think it’s really cool that two members of one of my favorite bands follow an ancestral diet. I wonder how hard it is to stay on track while they’re on tour.
  • And their site about cheating on the diet, is pretty fun. I can’t “cheat” (because there would be disastrous consequences for me right now; screw you, yeast overgrowth!), but it’s fun to live vicariously and see what junk people are consuming. Ice cream will always and forever be my vice. I’m really not interested in/tempted by pizza anymore (except, probably, when drunk, but since that’s also off the table for now…).
  • Wait, seriously, olive oil? – I’ve been reading about this banana ice cream for a while now, and still haven’t tried it. I’m hoping to bike to the grocery store tonight for bananas and sweet potatoes anyway, so I will pick some up that are near ripe and give this a shot soon! It sounds awesome.

Blah, blah, blah. I write so much online in various places, I don’t feel like reporting on much else here today. I think I’ll do a weekly check-in of my Whole30 progress. Yesterday was day 1 and it started off pretty rough, I had to leave work because I was feeling so sick, but I feel much better today! I realized recently that the Whole30 probably comes across as a cleanse or just another temporary diet to some people. This is how I normally eat, I’m just using it as a way to stay accountable for my digressions, since I really cannot afford (financially OR health-wise, haha) to eat off-plan. Following an ancestral diet is not a “diet” in the sense that it is used all too often these days, it’s just a way of eating.

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