Friday, August 10, 2012


I’m still feeling majorly nesty and the Autumnal vibe that’s been going on is still strong, despite the mid-80’s, humid weather we’ve been having. The change is coming, I can feel it! Perhaps it’s time to change up the blog theme, too, since this one is rather Spring-y.

Of course, reading blogs about epic home transformations does not help. But it certainly does inspire. I found out that Target carries 8x10” photo frames, which is exactly what I need for my black and white prints (yes, I made them myself!). I could even paint them to go with the scheme I’ve quietly dreaming up for our dining room. I originally had a dark wood and “tiki” idea for it, but now I’m in Fall-mode and just want Hallowe’en-y stuff, so black frames would be more than suitable.

The only thing I can do for now to change things up without spending money is change up my displayed artwork and photos, and clean up the apartment. I’m sure there are inspiration and potential decorations hiding in the attic of my parents’ home, so if the weather cools off a bit, I fully intend to dig around up there.

I’m also dying to travel right now. I’m hoping that if I quell my nesting bug a little bit, that will help, but with thoughts of Autumn, all I can do is dream of Seattle. I’m not sure why I link the two together, maybe it’s something to do with my romantic ideals surrounding this season. I have absolutely no ideas on what I’d want to see in Seattle, except that I’d bring cash to the market, but planning a vacation with Boyfriend is one of my favorite things to do.

Can't eat these right now (too much sugar), but they sure are pretty

I don’t think the budget will allow any travelling next year. I’d rather save up and know that I’m on track or ahead with my loans than do much, if any, flying for pleasure. Maine is a cheap enough getaway, and I get to see my adorable Babushka.

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  1. I get all fall-y feeling thinking about football season fast each their own.