Sunday, August 05, 2012

Keeping fit, on the weekend!

  • Tracking results at the Ancestral Weight Loss Registry - From the first 1100 people to enter the registry, there are some good results! I found it interesting that they included Atkins. Originally, it was much like a Primal diet, focusing on real foods and low carbs, but it’s morphed into your usual Western diet scheme complete with shakes and processed foods over the years. I put my measly 15 lbs in there :)
  • I am biking up a storm (not really) and keeping track on Fitocracy. I take pictures of my little odometer after every session and post them to Facebook, but with this site, I’ll be able to chart my progress. It’s pretty cool to see my distance increasing every time! Eventually, I’ll track times too and enter that so I can improve my speed.

In other news, Skyrim’s DLC Dawnguard is out and I am hunting down vampires.

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