Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to take a compliment

Over 3 months old now

I have never been good with compliments. I think it’s largely a self-esteem thing: when my self-esteem was low, compliments made me TERRIBLY uncomfortable. How can these people see this in me? By virtue of having a rather large and frequently visible tattoo, I get a lot more attention from strangers these days, and plenty of compliments on my skin-art. It’s just plain weird, when I’m sweaty and flushed, obviously pre-occupied with chaining my bicycle up outside the bank, and somebody strolls by and calls out, “Wow, great tattoo!”


What does it mean? Am I thanking someone for having similar tastes to mine? It’s such an odd thing. It’s nice, I guess, but I don’t really understand why.

Of course, the tattoo is not the only reason why I get attention these days.


This is not the shade I thought I wanted, but I like it. It will fade pretty quickly anyway, the dye I’ve been using is pretty terrible quality. I’ve managed to have three or four re-dyes with one bottle (less than $10 for it), so it’s worked out well in that regards, with a color refresh every 6 weeks or so. I get a lot of passing “Nice hair!” calls when I’m out and about (even from passing cars, when we’re both driving, or I’m walking somewhere). I’m somewhat more used to that kind of attention, since I got a lot of it when my hair was pink back in 2009, and when I had a mohawk in 2007. Still, it mentally makes me skip a step and go, “Wait, what now?” Just keep walking, I guess.


  1. Could it be a little bit of modesty, too?

    I liked all the hair colors and do's except the mohawk. Don't do the mohawk again.

  2. Psh. Modesty. Yeah, sure. ;)

    I miss the mohawk sometimes, but it was a lot of maintenance.