Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hair-owing experiences

It’s just not a week for hot things with me. First, I burn myself on the iron while ironing clothes, then I burn myself on the cast iron while taking it out of the oven! But with the wonders of gauze, somehow the pain is alleviated. I decided to go the old Neosporin route to try and speed up healing and avoid a giant blister (on the inner joint of my thumb, really unfortunate spot), rather than messing with coconut oil’s supposed magical properties.

Oh, look. So sad.

In other news, yes, I need to re-pink my hair soon. Hopefully Boyfriend will assist with the bleaching of the roots this weekend. I’m still holding off on purchasing my favorite pink shade, Special Effects Atomic Pink, since I still have crappy pink leftover. I’m still not sure what I’m doing in terms of growing out my hair (or chopping it off). I kind of like the idea of doing something like Quorra’s from Tron: Legacy, but I don’t know if that would be too harsh for my features. Thoughts?


  1. I would try it, but drifters don't cut their hair too often, so who am I to judge? I know what I'd do first, open the blinds, a little sunshine does a body good.

  2. It was raining when I took that picture and there's an unspoken rule in the office that blind-control is up to the people who sit near them. The blinds are always open around me :)

  3. Oh, unspoken rules, how I hate thee, do thee exist? None shalt know, for thou shalt not speak of unspoken rules.