Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Delayed weekend recap–Autumn is coming

Yeah, screw Game of Thrones and their fixation on two seasons.

My feelings of encroaching Autumn are finally being fulfilled with cooler mornings and evenings. I have had to start warming up the scooter for a few minutes before I head out in the morning to prevent stalling out (more than usual). I am please, but not appeased. Next stop: epic foliage! Hopefully, I can get a photo to replace the stock image I’m currently using as a background for the blog.

This past weekend felt very productive to me. I did a lot of tidying around the apartment, as well as a whole lot of nothing. Motivated by Young House Love to make my apartment a home, as much as I can while renting, I decided to do some rearranging and Spot the kitty!cleaning up, to see what I can make of the space with what I have. First up was my closet. It’s kind of a Harry Potter closet, as it extends behind the wall seen in this photo, under the stairs going up to my land lady’s place, and the ceiling slopes down accordingly, so I can technically walk into it, but not very far as you go in towards the left.

I clean best by empting stuff and and sorting piles as I go. The pile at the corner of the bed/room has clothes that I need to adjust (take in the sides, mostly, but some are dresses I want to convert to skirts), the rest is just sorted by type, as there’s nothing I’m getting rid of. Once I’d Imagine stuff against the back wall here, but a lane open on the left sideemptied out everything, I put it all back in a more sensible fashion. Since my closet has two hanging bars, I decided to try and just use the back bar so I could walk into the closet and use the space more to sift through things as I’m picking out clothes. I kept work-shirts and skirts in line with the door opening, since I use those most, and will swap those with sweaters when it gets colder out. On the front-most bar, to the left of the doorway, are my sweaters, since I don’t need those right now. I kept a lane open on the floor so if I move the sweaters, I can crawl back to go through the boxes in the closet. There’s not much back there that I need to access anyway, but I like that it’s functional.


I also moved the book cases that were previously in our bedroom, and rearranged the photo display in the living room. I centered the bookcase that I left in our bedroom, and moved favorite books that I wanted displayed out to this one. The top shelf will be mostly filled with Vampire Hunter D, from Boyfriend’s book collection (a huge box of mostly sci-fi and fantasy novels currently living in his parents’ attic). The sewing machine under the desk will go in my closet. Eventually, I’d like to replace the photos with a larger piece of artwork (something with color, maybe), or at least get some frames so I can rotate the content periodically. For now, I like it as a little display of Boyfriend and me, as they are photos I took of us and a vacation we took together (Washington DC in 2010). I also changed up some of the things on the desk (removed the pirate ship tablecloth that had been on it since March, for one) and made it a bit more Autumn-y with my empty Evil wine bottle and empty UFO pumpkin ale by Harpoon.

So, screw Spring cleaning. I do a rearrange/major cleaning/overhaul of my living spaces at least once every season to keep on top of it, and also because it makes me feel better about my living environment.

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  1. Go, Tash. Your skills with planning, organizing, and just thinking things through logically did not come from me.