Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Inspired by Sometimes Sweet’s Currently post.

Loving: YES, AUTUMN, YES, YOU KNOW I LOVE IT. I’M GOING TO TALK ABOUT THIS FOREVER AND THEN MOURN ITS PASSING WHEN WINTER-LIKE WEATHER INEVITABLY COMES AROUND. Maybe we’ll have a mild winter again. I do like at least one good snow-fall, though. Perks of living in Massachusetts, I call it. I’m not one of those strange people that hates the snow. It is what it is.

Reading: I just snagged Zodiac by Neal Stephenson from one of the many bookcases at my parents’ house. Some of those bookcases are stuffed with books on computer coding, some with religious texts, but there’s a good collection of classic sci-fi and fantasy, like anything Isaac Asimov has ever written. I’m only 30 pages into Zodiac, but enjoying it so far. I like the narrator’s voice. Snowcrash is a classic sci-fi piece of his that I highly recommend to anyone.

Watching: My co-workers’ heads (uh…the punctuation may need improvement there, each co-worker has one head) bobbling just below the edge of the cubicle walls. I have a corner cubicle in the mostly L-shaped office, so I can watch nearly everyone mwahahah. After work, I watch White Collar on Netflix with the boyfriend, or Charmed. It’s perfect for Fall, I tell you! Leave me and my guilty-pleasure alone.

Thinking about: My brain is kind of hyper-active today. It’s frustratnig because I don’t have a lot to do, so I’m stuck in my head, trying to find things to do or things to read to distract me. My head is in planning mode with nothing to plan. I want to spend money, but I don’t have any. I want to check out Buffalo Exchange in Davis Square to see what their prices are like, and I wish I’d brought my red dress there instead of selling it on eBay. Maybe I can sell this one to them (just checked Yelp reviews, guess they don’t do formal wear). I need to buy some thermometers (candy/meat for yogurt, oven for…the oven). I reeeaaaallly need to do some work on my scooter, and there’s a project that me and my dad started a couple of months ago that hasn’t had any attention since then…

Anticipating: FALL. WHY MUST I KEEP TELLING YOU THIS? The cool mornings are just teasing me. I need more chai! I want to make more yogurt!


  1. YES. Now I feel like a simple-minded Autumn monster. Yes. Autumn. Yes. Make leaves fall. Hrm. *grunt* *shuffle*

    Thanks for commenting.