Monday, July 16, 2012

Smoke & mirrors

Am I the only person who watches themselves as they walk by reflective surfaces? When I go to a public bathroom with a wall of mirrors, I don’t examine myself in the reflection to check for imperfections or adjust my hair (well, only sometimes, but I prefer it messy), I just look. Sometimes, I get the briefest glimpse of what I might look like to someone else. There’s an odd disconnect to my own image in those moments. Sometimes it happens when I look at pictures of myself and think it’s my sister for a split-second. I can’t identify the focus change that occurs when I realize it’s me. I can’t look at it “new” again. So I keep looking at reflections, wondering about who I see walking in-stride with me.

And sometimes I just want to check out my hair.

  • The Darkest Knight – Are you kidding me?! What on Earth would they do with another Batman series if it’s NOT a continuation of the current one? I am displeased.
  • The Language of Food – I used some of the principals here, about word choice, in writing journal entries. If I am feeling negatively about myself, I will avoid writing negatively about myself and try to choose positive words instead. I am more than the result of my struggles.

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