Monday, July 23, 2012

Managing the personal and professional

Like many other young-adults in similarly-shaped shoes, I struggle with managing my personal and professional lives. I am not adept at leaving my work stress in the office and often come home feeling down-trodden and completely worn out (emotionally, physically…spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically…). Some evenings are more successful than others in terms of separating myself from my stressful work-day and being mildly productive in caring for the apartment, my boyfriend, and myself.

Since that is a skill that will probably requires years of honing, I like to take full advantage of my weekends. If I feel like I need to sleep in, I will, but I often set an alarm for as early as 9AM to ensure that I start my day at a reasonable hour and don’t mess up my energy levels by over-sleeping (over 9 hours usually results in excess fatigue for me). This past weekend, I felt incredibly productive in all matters. I took care of some organization projects around the apartment, I went out and saw The Dark Knight Rises (I thought it was excellent!) with my boyfriend and a friend in Boston (thus fulfilling a hankering to “get out”). I had a nice dinner out with my parents and was treated to a haircut, some kitty supplies (no more flinging poo onto the floor with this high-sided litter box!), and new tubes and tires for my bike. I also took some time to veg and watch Supernatural with my boyfriend (our current favorite TV show, we’re on season 4 on Netflix). We splurged a little and went out for ice cream at the 24-hour CVS last night and I felt like the entire weekend was a success.

Hill's Pond at a local forest park

Family dog, not really interested in pond water

This weekend, I’m taking a mini-vacation to a lake in upstate New York. With all that’s been going on in my personal and professional life lately, I definitely feel like I need it! Sometimes, I feel guilt over feeling like I need time off to decompress, but I realize that I am not in a usual situation at my age: it’s uncommon for someone to essentially be the single-point of tech support for an office of 45-50 people at the age of 24 with one retail job separating this position and graduating college. I am proud of my accomplishments and how well I manage my free time considering all this, and I really do feel that I deserve time off from time to time. I’m not like other people, in being in the work environment that I am at this age, and I’m not like other people, in needing just a bit of extra down time to handle stress. And that’s okay.

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