Monday, July 30, 2012

Links for a Monday

  • Olympic Opening Ceremony – 2012 – I only saw snippets of this, while having dinner at a bar (and a couple of drinks [oh, Corona with lime, it’s been too long]), but it was pretty intense. I’ve been told the Beijing opening ceremony was pretty badass, and I saw none of it, and now I really want to check it out.
  • Food in 20 years – Leave my meat alone! I might have to become a farmer. Someone recently reminded me that they would not be able to eat meat in space, either, so I guess I won’t be going to Mars anytime soon. I’d still love to see a station built on the Moon in my lifetime, but I’ll probably be very, very old at that point.
  • Speaking of the Moon, it’s really weird to think how there’s no wind on the Moon. Should that be capitalized? Since the Earth is, I suppose so. The Moon is a moon.
  • I’m doing another Whole30 for August. This will save me a little bit of money, not having ice cream as much (it became a weekly thing in July), as well as hopefully helping some gut issues I’ve been having. I finished off my yogurt yesterday and am having some cheese with my lunch, then no more dairy! If you’re interested in changing your way of eating for 30 days to see how your life and health could improve, I suggest checking out their new day-by-day guide.

  • High cholesterol and a Paleo diet – “More information” is a good starting point with any medical condition. Given my family’s history with high cholesterol, there is a chance I may end up in a similar boat when I’m older, but I’m hoping that taking good care of myself now will mean I never have to worry about this. Low-inflammatory foods is  key!

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