Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to get news? with links

You may have noticed I get a lot of my news articles from BBC News. This is mostly thanks to Boyfriend, who, at the time we first started seeing each other, would often reference news articles and goings-on. I got into the habit of at least skimming article titles, if not reading an article or two from each category/world location. I tend to focus on the In Pictures, Health, and Entertainment sections as well as the top trending stories, now. Just too much to read!

What are your favorite news sources? I find most US-based sites are too much rumor-mill material.

How I feel about today:


  1. My favorite news sites are those that bend reality to fit my views, but everyone does that, especially political news. Unfortunately, I rely on Yahoo for entertainment and sports news, which means I always know what the Kardashians and LeBron James are up to.

  2. Well, Kim and Kanye are still together, he thinks he loves her he says, but he should KNOW already, I mean it's been like 1 month since they started seeing each other. LBJ is staying out and celebr
    Hey, were you kidding?