Monday, July 09, 2012

Gratitude post

Coming back to blogging and I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, so of course, don’t really feel like writing much. I’ve been struggling with a lot of feelings of anger and frustration lately. I do see this as an improvement over feeling depressed and anxious, so that’s good, at least! I just have to learn how to deal with them.

Queue 10 things I’m grateful for post!

  1. My awesome boyfriend for being awesome and supportive and defensive and protecting me from internet people.
  2. No matter how irritating it may be at times (last week, the week before…and today), I am incredibly grateful for being employed full-time at this job!
  3. My scooter works. Not well, but it works. Getting to work is important, yo.
  4. Eating amazing whole foods, like those steak kebabs I’m tossing in the broiler tonight. No guilt.
  5. Summer weather, while a bit too humid in this area, is helping immensely to keep my mood up.
  6. I’ve been eating this whole foods diet for over a year now. I didn’t start off that well, still eating lots of junk and questionably healthy foods at first, but I really feel like this has made a huge difference in my overall mental and physical health since last year. I feel great and I’m grateful that I took the time to educate myself and make a change and stick with it.
  7. Being at the point in my life where I can pop over to my folks’ place on a day off or weekend and just veg. It’s nice to feel like an adult daughter, and not just “the youngest daughter.”
  8. I am grateful for technology, especially smartphones! Sometimes getting lost is fun, but it’s nice to have something that can easily locate you and your destination, plus fun stops that may be along the way.
  9. The CW show Supernatural. Seriously, for a channel that featured America’s Next Top Model, it’s a fun show! If you can deal with the constant “Boo!” moments, however.
  10. As usual, I need to plug my buddies over at Mark’s Daily Apple, who often provide sage advice to me, such as “Keep your overtime, woman!” (not really, I’m actually the one who said that, but the sentiment was there) when I really want to leave work early on a bad day.

Inspired by Sometimes Sweet’s recent post.


  1. You should make a mental list like this everyday. It'll make you feel better, yo.

  2. Nice list, awesome adult daughter.